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The stars wasn’t as lonely as she/ gathered with many/ pinpricks in the sky/ tears pricked her eyelids/ The sun wasn’t as lonely as she/ The sky his very home/ clouds passing by/ The days just passing her by/  The streams wasn’t as lonely as she/ For she was always running into rivers/ She was running out of time / She was one in the universe/ a lonely planet/ orbiting herself


These feelings can’t last always

hands pressed against the glass

drowning in an ocean of tears

burning bright

stars eventually go dim


dreams lost in the black

whole lot of doubt

Turning over into a new day

but still the same

a lone star

in an overcrowded sky

outside the social circles

invisibly traipsing


Creativity suppressed
by depressed thoughts
the war is fought
in the mind
a palace becomes
a prison





The flowers have long since wilted


Chocolate kisses have melted


You never came


I tire of plucking petals


Being a starry-eyed maid-in-waiting…


For you to come


Bleeding love?


My heart has turned tortoise shell


You took too long


The relationship sailed on


Leaving me to drown with insecurities



Blood orange sunset
tea bitter with

The flowers grow blood orange sunsets
in winter
crystal petals
crimson drops.

Cars move like streams of conscious…

dreams bend like rays of light…

reflected in the water…

shed from open windows

souls flood the empty streets

on the curb of enthusiasm…

disenchantment runs through the veins…

like the very blood that sustains you

Iron gray clouds stretch across the sky

the rain tap dances on my car’s roof

this is my favorite song

October rain

sheets of rain down my window pane

lightning blinks the sky

October rain
the night stalks the land

thunder rumbles

I am lulled away

by the tap tap refrain

of October rain

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The color of sky

perpetual rain

blows to the ego

flyaway dreams.


Gathering stars

interrupt the moon

the ground whispers.

Pennies in a jar/Saving for a rainy day/sometimes dreams don’t come true/wishing wells and shooting stars/hope flies/like summer birds/I’m left with a prayer/depositing pennies in a jar/ I wish I could blow out a candle/and there be the dream I’ve been seeing/but all I have are these pennies in a jar/and rainy days