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The flowers have long since wilted


Chocolate kisses have melted


You never came


I tire of plucking petals


Being a starry-eyed maid-in-waiting…


For you to come


Bleeding love?


My heart has turned tortoise shell


You took too long


The relationship sailed on


Leaving me to drown with insecurities




She was born with a spark. Catching fire. Her torch could be seen from the hilltop.

She was born with a spark. Losing fire. The winds of doubt sent her torch teetering.

She was born with a spark. Reigniting fire. Too many tears doused her torch.

She was born with a spark.

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paper doll

She felt like she was made of something other than flesh and blood

she felt paper thin like a paper doll

a paper doll with a torn heart

when she should have skin like an elephant’s

hers was more like parchment

she was a paper doll

a paper doll with tattered dreams

tears streaked her flimsy cheeks

this paper life curled at the edges

she wanted to strike a match

and burn down this paper house

dying embers falling like rain set aflame

this paper doll wanted to sail away

in a paper boat.

Blood orange sunset
tea bitter with

The flowers grow blood orange sunsets
in winter
crystal petals
crimson drops.


is how she felt



caught in a sea of masks: grinning, leering, frowning

her voice above a whisper


Iron gray clouds stretch across the sky

the rain tap dances on my car’s roof

this is my favorite song

October rain

sheets of rain down my window pane

lightning blinks the sky

October rain
the night stalks the land

thunder rumbles

I am lulled away

by the tap tap refrain

of October rain

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Dear You:

I’ve waited

breath abated

for your presence

Dear You:

Idle I stand

waiting for you to take my hand

but you never showed

Dear You:

It is just me

because we

are distant

like the sky from the sea

Dear You:

I’ve waited

breath abated

for your presence