This is an into about me. “Who an I?” you ask. I’m spider….oh wait movie quote came into my head. I don’t even know if that from the movie. Anyways. My given name is Rosandra. I have an unspeakable nickname. I will not reveal it. I’m in my third decade of life. (more like the doldrums of watching drying paint). I am not nor have I’ve ever been the gregarious sort. I’m more of a loner. One-woman wolf pack.

I’m idiosyncratic and proud of it. A dreamer basking in her quietude. An aficionado of the written word. I find stupidity off-putting. I’m often underestimated but not deflated. I care, I’m filled with apathy, I smile, I scowl, I shed tears, I have fears. I need a rope to tug me out of my lackadaisical state.

I’m a story spinner, story teller, verse writer, I’m a bundle of creative energy. I am Rosandra.