Well I recenly self-published my novel through createspace. I have been trying unsucessfully for almost seven years to get an agent and a book contract but I constantly swim in the sea of no with the island of yes just a speck in my eyeline. But so far I haven’t sold any copies. My book is called The Strange World of Neve Rimbel it can be found on Here’s what it’s about.

The Tooth Fairy is out there. Twelve-year-old Neve has the fuzzy snapshot to prove it. When her family moves to the sleepy town of Zellwood, strange things begin to happen. And it all begins with a warning etched outside her window. Beware. Be warn. Be afraid. 
Neve soon discovers the town of Zellwood is cursed and the only way to lift the curse involves capturing the Tooth Fairy.

So if it sounds like something you would like to read go check it out. You’ll be helping a young woman with a dream out.

P.S. I just added an excerpt from the book, that a read.

Thanks very much

Rosandra M. Davis

A sliver of sunlight poked through the clouds as a blue SUV carrying a family of five traveled down the road toward the Welcome to Zellwood sign. Neve Rimbel got her first peek at the sleepy town called Zellwood. Out of her window, she saw a forest area; she looked back believing she saw a woman standing among the trees. She quickly dismissed the thought. Zellwood, the place where her father would be the head chef at a new restaurant. Now Neve and her older sister would have to be the new kids in school. Zellwood, the place where Neve would have to start all over with her quest for the Tooth Fairy, if that was possible. She sighed and looked at the tree-lined neighborhoods. A man and woman dressed in identical gray suits were getting into a dark colored vehicle. Business associates Neve thought to herself.

     “This place looks utterly boring,” Azalea said with a heavy sigh.

     “I find it quite charming,” Carolina Rimbel said. “How about you honey?” she asked, her husband Dennis, whose head was continually nodding to the side. “I’m sure you girls will enjoy your new school. You’ll grow to like this place,” Mrs. Rimbel, said glancing back at her two older children.

     “Moving just puts me off the trail,” Neve said from beneath her camouflage hoodie. She stared down at a photo she took five years ago when she was six. The photo was mostly dark shadows but she could make out the silhouette of a tiny winged being, the Tooth Fairy.

     “The Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist,” her older sister, Azalea said, snatching the photo out of her hand.

     “Give that back,” Neve said, throwing off her hood, exposing the zigzag ponytails that adorned her head in colorful rubber bands.

     Azalea shook her head from side to side. “You are far too old for such flights of fantasy.” She held the picture high and out of Neve’s reach. Their baby brother, Tobin’s pacifier fell out of his mouth. He began to wail and kick his pudgy legs.

     “Dennis can you wake up and tell your children to behave.”

     Dennis, who was nodding off again jerked his head upward.     “You girls behave yourself,” he said, turning around with sleep still lingering in his eyes. “Azalea give your sister back her picture,” he said, picking up Tobin’s pacifier and placing it into his open socket.

      Neve had documented evidence of her existence, even though it was dark and out of focus. Perhaps it was just shadows on her wall.