Well I usually post a poem or video but today I wanted to talk about hair products and their promises of long locks. My hair has been on the short side for the past five years, and I want longer hair. So I stroll down the beauty supply aisle what do  I see? Hair promades promising longer, stronger hair. Every bottle has grow or gro on it. Wanna grow. Need to gro. Gotta gro. Get your grow on. Super gro. I admit I use to buy all that stuff believing I’ll have hair like the lady on the picture. Most of that stuff just coats the hair and clogs the pores. Don’t get me started on all those creams that claim to  repair split ends.  Take some scissors and cut them ends.

To sum it up when it comes to hair care you have to read whats inside. Not everything is good for your hair. Just because it says it’ll grow it don’t mean it’s true.