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She realized words was all she had

Words small like ant

Big like pococurante



What you think of that?

At my job they say I move slow

Watch how quick my acerbic tongue lashes you

I won’t cuss you

But verbally mince you

Then plate you

And serve you up




What you got to say?

Your mind is puerile

Lost in my verbal maze


You want a word battle

I slay you

With verbs and adverbs

You never even heard

So you cut me with your eyes

And spit profanity

With an acrimonious tone

But I…

Have only words

And with a click of my tongue

Have you dangling like a modifier

Can’t extinguish the fire


Cute and astute to boot








So I’ve decided to create writing and publishing goals. This isn’t a New Years resolution it’s just something I decided to do in back in October. First my writing goal is to finish the Elemental Queen then merge it with In the Kingdom of Light and Dark to create Quercus (which is Latin for oak tree and that is the sisters pathway into this other world is an oak tree). This way I’ll get the book length I need. I realize I’m not very good at trying to make a series. I’m more of a stand alone novelist. Most mg/ya novels seem to be series, which brings me to my next goal.

I decided to self-publish the Strange World of Neve Rimbel. Even though it’s been rejected by every agent there is, I feel it’s a really good story albeit on the short side (barely a hundred pages). Sometimes I feel you have to take destiny into your own hands. I been swimming in this sea of no for too long. The shore of yes is nowhere in sight. So I’m creating my own raft and swimming to the archipelago of do it yourself. My second manuscript also was getting the same treatment of no and never hearing anything (which is also a no). I just want to do what I love for a living and stop zombie walking through retail.


Well I usually post a poem or video but today I wanted to talk about hair products and their promises of long locks. My hair has been on the short side for the past five years, and I want longer hair. So I stroll down the beauty supply aisle what do  I see? Hair promades promising longer, stronger hair. Every bottle has grow or gro on it. Wanna grow. Need to gro. Gotta gro. Get your grow on. Super gro. I admit I use to buy all that stuff believing I’ll have hair like the lady on the picture. Most of that stuff just coats the hair and clogs the pores. Don’t get me started on all those creams that claim to  repair split ends.  Take some scissors and cut them ends.

To sum it up when it comes to hair care you have to read whats inside. Not everything is good for your hair. Just because it says it’ll grow it don’t mean it’s true.

She said, “there’s nothing new here what I do here.”

she once felt alive as the green in spring

now she felt dead as the leaves in winter

her eyes had a lackluster gaze

her stride staggered

zombie walking

ennui has taken its toll

it replaced the blood in her veins

she glanced in the mirror

was there a cure for how she felt

zombie walking

she wanted to shed dead skin

push through the cracks

like a new blade of grass


be alive

no zombie walking

just walking


Sometimes peope wear mask even when it’s not Halloween

What does it search for?

walking the unbeaten path

nobody to the right or left of you

echoes of heartbeats and foort steps

faced with ghostly smiles and empty stares

the hunter moves on

the grass carpet beneath her feet

the sun warming her skin

a song in her heart

a poem on her tongue

no need to search for Earthly things

she has all she needs