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Chapter 1
Zippy and Clover: An Introduction
“Hullo there, my name’s Zippy. Well my full name’s Zipporah Anne Bell, But I like to be called Zippy. I’m thirteen years, twenty-three days, three months and four minutes old…”
“And I’m Clover, her best friend. Clover Green.” The girl smiles wide as the sky into the camera.
“What are you doing?” Zippy pushes the power button. She frowns.
“Introducing myself.” Clover smooths out the wrinkles in her shirt.
“Well you interrupted me.”
“You were being verbose. Why can’t you say you’re thirteen. Folks don’t care about how many nanoseconds you are. Hi, I’m Zippy. I’m Clover and we’re fabulous girls entering eighth grade. And scene. Fade to black.” Clover takes a bow.
“Um, Clover the camera isn’t on.”

She only had one dream

with overcast eyes

she looked toward the sky

the clouds rolled by

the rain filled her eyes


in this wide world

her words echoed back

sustained by one dream

spoon fed inspiration

she looked to the sky

the clouds parted

the sun dappled her skin

oceans of imagination

waved over her

she wouldn’t divert from her path